« Utopia » by Tengben Kamara

19 May - 15:00

« Utopia » by Tengben Kamara

By Tengben Kamara

Photographer Tengbeh Kamara (25, they/ them) struggled with the fact that representation of masc-presenting women and non-binary people was overwhelmingly from people with thin, white bodies.

"I did not identify with that, and it felt like I was not allowed to have any curves in order to look androgynous."

That's why Tengbeh created a project with @beyondphotographyy called "Utopia", for which they photographed AFAB people with different body-types, showing the variety and beauty that comes with androgynous gender expression.

The project will be up at Bar Borio from the 19th of May until the 5th of June.

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