Welcome to everything Bar Bario, the new Amsterdam pub for us, by us.

At Bar Bario we serve yummy drinks in a loving, nurturing and safer environment.

Besides an inclusive bar, we host a creative hub where we organize exhibitions and events for all. There's always something to do at Bar Bario! Come and see for yourself <3

Bar Bario's Basics

Bar Bario is a safer space:This means we're an intentional space focused on providing a fun and safer environment for marginalized communities. These communities - we mainly focus on the BPOC, Trans & Queer community - have little to no spaces in Amsterdam where they can be themselves freely. Because of this, we ask all of our guests to please check their privilege at the door. We kindly ask for your sympathy and realization that you might be taking up space from these marginalized communities that need a safe haven, where they feel welcomed, accepted and safe, like Bar Bario, most. We hope you keep this in mind and thank you for your understanding! 

The old Amsterdam building has no options for a ramp to the bathrooms downstairs. Because of this we are unfortunately inaccessible for people that use a wheelchair (and therefore not a safer space for every body). Our sincere apologies for this, we hope to be able to make a change in this in the future.

Opening hours

Wednesday & Thursday: 16:00-01:00

Friday & Saturday: 16:00-02:30

Sunday: 16:00-01:00


We post everything we do on Instagram: @bar.bario

Please email us for reservations, questions or other inquiries:


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