27 February - 15:00


By Bar Bario

Although we don't believe our history con be limited to one month of recognition, we do want to take this day to come together and enjoy our community.

Bar Bario will host a one-day exhibition and an open mic by and for black artists. Don't be shy - join the open mic at 17:00! Black DJ's will also be joining us for some smooth tunes.

We want to take this day to come together, honor our history, celebrate our community, and look forward to our future, together <3

Donation-based tickets can be bought through the link in our bio. These donations go to the artists.

During this day you will also be able to donate an extra euro (or other amount of your choosing) with your drink. This will go to The Black Archives, an organization that documents the history of black emancipation movements and individuals in the Netherlands.

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