27 May - 23:00


by Aqueene Wilson

SELFHOOD: A Manifestation of Wholeness explores a new aesthetic of Blackness by envisioning representative wholeness of/for Black women.

It intentionally responds to the lack of seeing Black women as whole people that have individual identities without excluding forming factors of collectiviry like; sisterhood, lineage, culture, and community.

In seeking to challenge the idea that Blackness is homogenous, the works serve as a holistic love letter met with undertones of visual activism. By presenting new perspectives on the medium of photography and the notions of race, age, and gender, intimate moments of leisure, rest, solitude, care and play are presented.

As such, SELFHOOD, holds space for dialogues and initiates discussions on the roles that Black women take and or are allowed to take.

This body of work asks when and how black women get to be human. Aqueene proposes rest as the answer, as only then we get to breathe, dream, and care for ourselves.

After all, rest is a revolutionary at of freedom.

So rest, b*tchhhhhhh! Claim your liberation.

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