Restaurant De Woonkamer

03 December - 17:30

Restaurant De Woonkamer

By : Bar Bario

Sam-Lin, Maarten and Sioan invite you to ‚De Woonkamer', a living room restaurant they started during corona times to still accomodate cute (platonic) dates during lock down.

Loving hospitality and gastronomy, they've decided to continue De Woonkomer even now, presenting an evening full of charm and gezelligheid

Join them the 3rd or 4th of December for a romantic dinner at Bar Bario.

They offer a set menu of 4 dishes for only €30

Wine pairing is an added €20

Always wanted to enjoy a fancy meal out? This is our accessible way to do it <3

Take your friend, family op date out preholidays to freat them and yourself to some loving dining!

Reserve your spot by DMing:

*De Woonkamer only takes tikkie and Bar Bario is

Pink Only

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