21 November - 15:00


Val Dechev

The Queer Skate Club Amsterdam is a space to share the joy of skating and to celebrate love, without limitations or expectations.

Where your identity is represented, you have a community & where you will always be supported in facing the world.

A space which is inclusive and always open for learnings and changes. The queer skate club is a space, where we are all free to be, outside of the gender, sexual and societal binaries and express ourselves in any and every wav.

Barjo is excited to host a talk with Val and the Queer Skate Club: where we will be hearing about the club, why it started, what it means locolly, how it continues the traditions of skate clubs, and the role it has for the community of queer people.

All donations go to organizing more events for the Queer Skate Club Community.

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