Pole & Flow with Dani

20 August - 17:00

Pole & Flow with Dani

Organized by Val Dechev, given by Dani, powered by Bar Bario

We invite you to our Beginner's pole workshop. The focus will be on simple yet elegant moves and transitions, to get you started on your pole journey.

„Know Before You Flow”

Pole requires skin grip, so be sure to wear something comfortable that allows for free movement (shorts, sticky leggings, tank tops, short sleeve shirts and/ or anything that unleashes your inner pole dancer!)

Avoid jewelry

Barefoot is fine

No moisturizer! Lotions and creams make the skin slippery and inhibit your grip

This class has a priority for transfemine people!

The class will NOT be at Bar Bario, but at Rosalilg nearby. Come get a refreshing drink of Bar Bario after!

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