02 February - 22:00


Hosted by : Bar Bario

SNAP presents a series of conversations around music, art, biographies and Black imagination.

Together with guest Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, Panashe Chigumadzi & Nyancho NwoNri, we focus on Black solidarities, diasporic feelings and responsibilities and how music and oral stories ground our thinking around this contemporary moment.

This series of SNAP TALKS are fuelled by collective memories of culture-making: coming together to live, love, care and survive. With contributions by storytellers, hustlers, artists, activists, and thinkers who meet each other in a polyphonic (over)standing of dreams, historical colonial trauma and slavery legacies, street culture, humour, and evervday stories.

SNAP is the joint project space that brings Metros4, media platform Dipsaus Podcast and theater collective and production house DEGASTEN in Amsterdam together SNAP is a project space for art, dialogue, experiment, performance, reflection and intergenerational encounters.

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