Mapping Memories : From Tahrir to Maspero

20 June - 17:00

Mapping Memories : From Tahrir to Maspero

By : Yara

Mapping Memories: From Tabrir to Maspero, is a photo exhibition that aims to bring the findings of my thesis to life in a way that would allow people to trace the memories of Egyptians during the 2011 revolution.

The project explores the collective memories that Coptic Christian's and Muslims have through their participation in the Egyptian revolution, and how this informs the construction of their identity as Egyptians.

By documenting my fieldwork through pictures of locations shared to me by my interviewees, I hope to bring their stories to light and draw attention to the individual experience, and the role of identity construction along religious lines; the exhibit aims to give space for Egyptians to voice what it means for them to be Egyptian in a country where religion is weaponized and governed by the state.

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