22 February - 23:00


By : Dolian on Wholeness

We need color. we need joy. we need wholeness.

To bring this into the world, Dolion has put put her heart into Lewendig.

A continuous manifesto, her ode to 'the wholeness of existence'. Nature, animals, people being one. Dolian likes to do this in a playful manner through her various forms of art.

‚Today's society is characterised by the „illusion of separation". The world has never been so „prosperous". Yet, to my mind, mainly in the Western world individualisation leads to a loss of connection.

Human moving away from their fellow human; and seeming to think, we rise above animals and nature.'

Lewendig exists out of Dolion's most heartfelt creations, through sharing this she hopes to convey the message of love, joy and awareness of unity.

Come and join us in Bar Bario, where Dolian will share her heart project: LEWENDIG. Art and people will meet to feel the joy of wholeness.

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