Iridescent Duo Presents The Fire Within

28 May - 15:00

Iridescent Duo Presents The Fire Within

Hosted by : The Fire Within

We would love to invite you to the first concept series from Iridescent Duo entitled "The Fire Within." Shanice (singer) and Petra (pianist) come together after finishing classical conservatory studies and decided that they wanted to break free from the barriers upheld by institutions and traditional performance proctices. So, the concept of a "feminist music salon" was born.

Their feminist music salons are inspired by the intimate settings of 18th century French salon culture and their cultural and social initiative for women but are rejecting their historical exclusivity of marginalized demographics.

Iridescent Duo's gatherings feature music performed and composed by women of colour and are all about sparking conversation on intersectional feminist thought; as well as creating an open-minded and inclusive community of diverse folks that are often excluded from elitist traditions such as classical music. We hope that you'll join us for some beautiful music and mingling with new friends!

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