Introduction to Tattooing Workshop

20 November - 15:00

Introduction to Tattooing Workshop

Hosted by : Carries

Bor Bario and Carpie are excited to announce a workshop designed specifically for BIPOC and Queer folks to explore their interest and curiosity in the world of tattooing.

We will talk about hygiene, safety, representation in the tattoo industry, the differences between colours of ink on all shades of skin, proper set-up and equipment, plus, you will have the opportunity to tattoo fake skin under supervision from the instructor, Carrie.

Carple (she her) is a Canadian-born tattoo artist and visual artist living in Amsterdam. She has over 20 years of drawing and painting experience, has had five solo art exhibitions in Canada and one in the Netherlands, and has been tattooing professionally for three yeors. She is 29 years old.

It's important to know that this course will not replace an apprenticeship or years of tattoo experience, but we have also heard many, many times that there's a demand and a need for a course like this.

Especially becouse the tattooing industry can be hard to penetrate for the OTBPOC community.

We aim to empower you to learn a new skill, educate you well enough to handpoke safely and hygienically, and maybe inspire you to pursue a rewording and creative new career. Respectfully, we will prioritize Trans/ Oueer/ BIPOC participation at this event, as our objective is to create bolance within this primorily white/cis dominated craft.

Price: 50 euros (in casl

Optional: 100 euro starter kit to take home with you

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