Hair Haven Meet-Up

09 July - 15:00

Hair Haven Meet-Up

Hosted by : Rona

Come and meet other curlies!

Are you looking for guidance and information on achieving and maintaining a healthy hair routine that works for you?

Come speak and listen to each other about all our hair struggles and achievements!

Rona is a neuroscientist with a strong background in biology and chemistry. Growing up in the Netherlands with curly hair and seeing a lot of straight hair around you can affect your self-image and she has experienced this herself. With more than five years of experience in researching curly hair, She has decided to make a change.

Rand arranges meet-ups where you can meet other curlies and talk hair. Or book a personalized appointment where you discuss your unique hair needs and create a customized plan just for you.

She specializes in hair styling for types 30-4a based on experience and in caring for all hair types based on her scientific background!

Let's embrace our curls together!

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