Free Laser Hair Removal

24 August - 17:00

Free Laser Hair Removal

Organized by : Val Dechev ; powered by : Bar Bario

As a last event for our „GIRLS CAN DREAM NOW" exhibition, we are offering free laser hair removal by @faemstudio for all our dolls.

The free lasering applies to the face, armpits and genital area. This free day is with a strong priority for trans femmes.

For bookings and more information please DM @faemstudio or @zoeelenibab

We want to thank @valdechev for curating the exhibition and events. We send our love to all of the dolls exhibiting and joining and we hope to see everyone soon for more togetherness.

We love you and we are here for you.

Please take this amazing opportunity given by @zoeelenibab to get your free lasering going in a safer environment! Thank you Zoe and Val, community efforts make our world turn <3

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