11 November - 15:00


By Bar Bario

This coming month, we're excited to present

"Custom-made" an exhibition showcasing the beauty, resilience and infinite potential that lies within the custom-made-ness of queer existence.

To live at odds with your environment, you simply have to build your own world, self and community as ways to survive and to thrive. In that sense, queerness is custom-made; by us, for US

From 3D-printed nails and otherworldly ceramics, to local community builders and liberatory sound design and video creation: "Custom-made" invites an array of artists, each of whom embodies the above sentiment in their own distinctive way.

Join us for the „Custom-made" opening on Thursday, November 11, at 16:00, with DJ's and live performances <3

RSVP in bio, don't forget a corona certificate!

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