Cova da Moura Dexa Mundo Papia

27 June - 23:00

Cova da Moura Dexa Mundo Papia

By : Bar Bario

Cova da Moura - Dexa Mundo Papia (Let the world talk) is a documentary photography project by Marie-Louise Hodge.

It focuses on life in Cova da Moura, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lisbon, which was built by its inhabitants themselves In the 1970s, due to a lack of housing.

Many of them were African migrants, from the recently independent former Portuguese colonies, in search of a better life.

The warm and culturally rich community has a poor reputation and the neighbourhood is still not recognized as legal.

The community experiences threat from the municipality to possible demolish the neighbourhood, and is as well facing inequality such as poor facilities, poverty, racism and police violence.

This project aims to showcase the residents' lives, challenge prejudices, and raise awareness of the influence of colonial history.

Over 1.5 years, Hodge captured photographs, conducted interviews, and taught photography workshops for children in the community.

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