Closet Sale

24 September - 12:00

Closet Sale

Hosted by : Fia, Fidel, Anouk, Elisa & Shaq

Saturday is reserved for booty popping and thrift shopping!

Saturday the 24th Bar Bario is hosting a Closet Sale with all these beauties sharing and selling their pieces:

Fia (afiahamellinck)

Fidel (@fidelioferrier)

Anouk (@pandaexpres_

Elisa (@elisaems)

Shag (@madeby8)

Enjoy these preloved pieces and juicy drinks at Bar Bario! Clothes varying from high end brands to more affordable pieces, for all (non) genders, and sizes.

Beats by our very own @ri_baddest_

Come by for your shopping, booty popping

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