BPOC Trans & Non-Binary Arts’N’Crafts

23 June - 15:00

BPOC Trans & Non-Binary Arts’N’Crafts

Organized by : Lukas

On Friday the 23rd of June, we welcome all BPOC trans & nonbinary people for an afternoon of arts'n'crafts, discussion, and community.

The theme of the afternoon: passing and being known.

In form of a zine, we can explore the joys and pitfalls of navigating (non)gender.

A zine is a collection of ideas, texts, and media resulting in the creation of a small magazine. We invite you to bring your art supplies, as well as pictures, magazine cutouts, poetry, ephemera, and whatever holds importance to you. General supplies will be provided. In conversation we can explore what it means to become known in our fullness.

Note: This get together is solely for BPOC trans & nonbinary people, to create a sofe environment to connect and explore.

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