Book Talk : Hostile Homelands

01 June - 17:00

Book Talk : Hostile Homelands

Foreword by : Linah Alsaafin

Join us for a book talk on the newly published

'Hostile Homelands: The New Alliance between India and Israel' (Pluto Press, 2023) with author Azad Essa.

Azad will be in conversation with llaha Abasli, a researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Azad Essa is a journalist currently a senior reporter for Middle East Eye covering American foreign policy, Islamophobia and race in the US.

In his book Hostile Homelands, Azad puts India's relationship with Israel in its historical context, looking at the origins of Zionism and Hindutva; India's changing position on Palestine; and the countries' growing military-industrial relationship from the 1990s.

Register for the event through the link in our bio! Hope to see vou there.

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