Test Bario in the summer

Bario means neighborhood in papiamentu

Bar Bario is more than just a bar: we are an all-inclusive, intimate living room for us, by us.

BAR: Stamkroeg, but make it sexy: Bar Bario is centered around great drinks and even better energy. The perfect place to hang out with friends, go on a date, or meet new people.

CREATIVE HUB:  The possibilities Bar Bario’s creative hub offers are endless: In the gallery we work together with the creative community and create collaborative pop-up events and exhibitions. We welcome all creative minds and their ideas. 

SAFER SPACE: At Bario everyone should feel safe, comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves: The bars in Amsterdam aren’t inclusive enough for the BIPOC, Trans and Queer communities. Our goal is to create a new Amsterdam pub where everyone feels welcome. We realise that a safe space is a continuous process and always want to listen and learn to grow.

House rules

Bar Bario is an intersectional safer space: we’re an intentional space where we want to ensure the safer fun of everyone. 

Bar Bario is for everyone, but especially for those who need a safer space most! Everything we do is with love, and with priority for the Queer, Trans & BPOC communities. 

Please be mindful of who you bring to Bar Bario and your/ their privilege: you might be taking up space from those who need it most. We want to make sure that those who can’t get safer fun easily elsewhere, have enough space to enjoy their time here. 

We do not tolerate:

  • Transphobia 

  • Queerphobia

  • Xenophobia

  • Islamophobia

  • Homophobia

  • Fatphobia

  • Ableism

  • Racism

  • Hatred, (sexual) intimidation or discrimination of any kind

Respect each other’s space and ALWAYS ask for consent. No means no, silence does NOT mean yes. 

Be kind to each other. Respect & Protect your non-binary, Trans & femme friends. 

If you see something, please say something!

If there’s ever anything you want to ask or let us know, our email/ dms/ doors are always open. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please come to us.

We realise that a Safer Space is a continuous process and work and always want to learn and grow. We are open to any questions and remarks. 

We love and want to hear from you, so that we can grow and learn from you. Together we can create a space for everyone! 

With love,

Bar Bario 

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