Bario Home


- In papiamentu Bario means neighborhood: we are an all-inclusive, intimate living room for us, by us.


- Stamkroeg, but make it sexy: Bar Bario is centered around great drinks and even better energy. The new Amsterdam pub for everyone - a perfect place to hang out with friends, go on a date, or meet new people.


- In the back of the bar, Bario has a gallery where we work together with the creative community to create collaborative pop-up events and exhibitions. The possibilities this space offers are endless, we welcome all creative minds and their ideas. Our inbox and dms are always open!


- The bars in Amsterdam aren't inclusive enough for the community of color and queer community. Our goal is to create a new Amsterdam pub for everyone. At Bario everyone should feel safe, comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves. We don’t allow any form of discrimination or bullying and ask you not to bring slurs and other types of abuse into our bar. If our staff sees anything like this happening, they can correct the behavior or ask the person in question to leave. Please let us know if you’ve witnessed abusive behavior or feel unsafe yourself: we are here to listen and to help.

We realise that a Safe Space is a continuous process and work and always want to learn and grow. We are open to any questions and remarks. 

We love and want to hear from you, so that we can grow and learn from you. Together we can create a space for everyone! 

With love,

Bar Bario